Toddler looking out of cot captured during an at home family photoshoot in London by Natalie Avery Photography

Natural unposed Family and Newborn Baby Photography in North London.

Capturing real-life moments and real smiles.

Hi I'm  Natalie Avery a family and newborn baby photographer in North London.  I specialise in natural lifestyle photography that freezes time for you. 


Do you feel like everything changes so fast with your children? That it is all going so fast? Every stage is fleeting and you want to capture it and hold onto it forever. To bottle up how it feels.  

Genuine smiles. Fun and Playful Family Photography in North London.

Would you love to have photos of your family's personality, expressions and mannerisms? Then that's exactly what I'll capture for you. My family photoshoots are fun with no awkward smiles at the camera and I don't let anyone say 'cheese'.


There's no need to worry about the kids behaving, or feeling awkward in front of the camera. With my sessions, I get the kids and parents to play and have fun. So there's no way we miss the smiles and those expressions that make your heart burst. And they will be genuine smiles because they are enjoying themselves. ​

Father throwing little girl in the air during an outdoor family photoshoot.  Family Photography in London.

Family Photography

Kids grow so fast and if you blink you'll miss it.  Beautiful photos of you all together are something you will treasure for years to come.


Don't get so busy that you don't document this stage in your family, they will never be this age again.  They won't need your help at the playground and the toothless gaps will fill in before you know it.

Baby yawning with father looking down captured during in home newborn baby photography. Natalie Avery Photography

Newborn Baby Photography

All wrinkly and so perfect. With all the yawns. But not for long.


Don't let time and lack of sleep fade this magical stage of your family's story.  A photoshoot will capture it and will stop the memories from fading. 


The change babies go through in their first year is truly phenomenal. In the hectic juggle that is parenting it will whizz by.


Newborn Yawning. Natalie Avery Photography. Family Photoshoots and Newborn Photography in London

At Home or outdoors fun and playful family photoshoots in London.

Family photoshoots are perfect at home, to capture the magic of your everyday lives. (they are magic even if they don't always feel it) Or take a trip to the park for an outdoor family photoshoot.​


Newborn photoshoots are magical at home. It is a special feeling to bring your baby home from the hospital.


I work across London and Hertfordshire and can recommend some great places for outdoor photoshoots. 

Natural authentic family and newborn photography.

I plan my photoshoots to be fun-filled. This way I can capture genuine emotions and real personalities. Real smiles are only possible when we are enjoying ourselves.


We will walk, talk and have fun by playing games. No awkward posing or smile for the camera. Only a little direction from me to capture the smiles and mannerisms that you absolutely love.

For newborn photoshoots, we take it slow, it's relaxed and we follow your baby's lead. Expect to cuddle and saviour this magical moment - you've become a family!

Siblings cuddling during an outdoor family photography in London with Natalie Avery Photography.
Older Baby Photography Southgate North London. Natalie Avery Photography-25.jpg
Christmas Gift with a Difference

Looking for a unique Christmas Gift?  I offer a variety of options for gifting a photoshoot.