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Babies and toddlers are such fun and so expressive which makes them absolutely perfect for a baby photoshoot.   There are so many stages of development and milestones - rolling over, sitting, crawling, first steps and the all-important first  Birthday.

Walking, talking and seeing the world with such amazement and wonder. It's all ahead of them. It's a big moment for you too - now you get to experience your baby become a little person. 

Photoshoots are not just for Newborns, a baby photoshoot can be arranged anytime and it can be a great way to celebrate your baby's milestones.  

Celebrate your babies milestones with a photoshoot.

The first year to 18 months sure does see a lot of change in our babies. From sleepy and curled up as newborns to first steps and first words they sure do accomplish a lot in a short space of time.

Babies and Toddlers are such fun and so expressive which is perfect for a photoshoot.   So don't feel like you missed out if staying home during corona-virus forced you to miss having your newborn photographed. 


I can honestly say babies make for the best photos. They love games like peekaboo and blowing raspberries will always get some giggles.  Toys are of great interest and they make great props.  As well as simply watching their hand open and close while they sit there realise they are making it do that. Which gives you lots of lovely photos of all of you together, playing and snuggling along with great photos of the baby on their own mastering their new skills.

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