How photoshoots will work with government guidance in place 

As we are all adjusting to returning to work and the things we love doing before Covid-19 hit us I thought I'd explain how a photoshoot with me will work.  

Family Photography

These can be indoors or outdoors.  I recommend we go outside if possible (weather dependent) either in your garden or a nearby location.   I'd still maintain the 2-metre distance and will have a face mask if you'd prefer.  With young children, I wouldn't recommend face masks as it can be scary for them and it will make it harder to build a relationship with them.  I will also be using hand sanitiser and washing my hands regularly. 


Newborn Photography 


When it comes to newborns having a photoshoot at home is very special.  I would recommend we use the garden as much as possible if the weather permits.  Many photos would include baby lying on blankets, with siblings looking over them or being held by parents.  All of this can still be achieved outdoors.  If you don't have a garden then we can of course stay indoors observing guidance.  Your baby has been born during unique times, and you will have had a different experience as a result.  I believe in photography that is real and shows life as it is, not a staged version of life so embracing these unique times is at the heart of my approach.  So in years to come you remember how unique this year was and we all had to adjust to social distancing and staying home. 


In the home, I would wear a mask and keep a distance of 2 metres.  Washing my hands on arrival and I'd remove my shoes (which I like to do anyway in someone else's house). My photography style is very natural and unposed so as such, I don't usually need to touch the baby to put them into different positions but sometimes would help with adjusting swaddles or placing blankets in the right position.  Under my current way of working, I would direct the parents to do the swaddling and to move blankets etc. 

Please get in touch if you have any questions or want to discuss.  Or carry on browsing my portfolio and approach