Genuine smiles and real moments. Authentic Playful Family Photography

My family photography is natural and playful.  I look at ways to show relationships between all members of the family through photography.  The love and bond you all have. 


I capture personalities and the small details, through my portraits, from the way the light filters through a curl, to the sparkle in the eye of the toddler as they see you or the way they look so safe and comfortable snuggling with mum and dad. 

Daughter looking comforted while being carried by Father during family photoshoot Enfield North London.

No forced poses - just a fun day out.

During your family photoshoot, I encourage you all to play, talk and laugh so that everyone is themselves and not conscious of the camera. I plan them to be just another day out or time at home as a family. 


My focus is always on ensuring everyone (especially the kids) have fun.  Straight looking at the camera photos are not what I will focus on.  Of course, you will get some when the moment is right and because I understand that's what the grandparents want.

Sunlight in girls curls. Outdoor Family Photography Enfield North London.

If you're looking for a family photographer in London, to capture your family's story, then please get in touch.  

I offer two packages depending on if you want a smaller number of photos to capture your family as you are now or a larger all-inclusive package if you're interested in creating a photo book or album of your family.

Mother and Daughter finding ladybirds while playing hide and seek during a family Photoshoot with Natalie Avery Photography. Family Photography Southgate North London

Get in touch​

Want to discuss when is the best time for your family photo shoot or to find out more about how it works? Then drop me a line I'd love to hear from you. 

Father spinning daughter. Playful Fun Family Photography in London. Natalie Avery Photography Enfield North London