Frequently Asked Questions

If you're planning a Family or Newborn photoshoot then you'll probably have lots of questions or perhaps you're not even sure what happens during a photoshoot - don't worry here are a few questions I've been asked to get you thinking and planning your photoshoot. 


Can we cancel or reschedule?

Unfortunately, if you need to cancel then any deposits will not be returned. I can be flexible to reschedule depending on my availability.

What happens if the kids are unwell?

Kids are kids and if they are unwell then please let me know as soon as possible so we can reschedule for another date.

Newborn Photography

When should I book my newborn photoshoot?

As soon as you can after your 20 week scan. As with most things the earlier you book the most chance you have of the dates you need being available. Babies don’t always arrive when they are expected so I can be very flexible to make sure we do your photoshoot when your baby arrives. Newborns are absolutely gorgeous and snuggly in their first two weeks and is usually when a photoshoot is best held.

What happens during the newborn photoshoot?

The photos I’ll be looking at capture are quite close up and will focus on the details of your newborn baby. I allow up to 4 hours for a newborn photoshoot so theres plenty of time for feeding and changing nappies. We won’t be in a rush and during the time we will catch photos of the baby sleeping, awake, stretching and perhaps sometimes crying both alone and with the parents.

What should we prepare for the newborn photography session?

You don’t need to worry too much but think about where in the house you’d like to have the photos for example baby’s room, bedroom, living room. If you have babies room ready then its important we take photos in here to record this precious time.

Make sure you have to hand any special items you’d like to have photographed – outfits, first teddy, toys, any items with babies name, special blankets and muslins.

What other opportunities are their to photography my baby if we didn't book a Newborn session?

If you didn't arrange a newborn session, don't worry there are plenty of opportunities to capture the wonderfulness of your little one. Generally I'd suggest that after Newborns the next best moments are 5/6 months when baby is rolling, doing tummy time and more alert to the world. They may even be sitting from 6 months and this makes for adorable photos too. If they aren't then book for when your baby is sitting, they all develop at different paces . After this babies pulling themselves up, crusing and first steps all make for fun sessions and we can start to go outside and show parents playing with little one. Then of course there is baby's first birthday. So in all of that you can see there are so many times during babies first year where you can capture some really special firsts.

Family Photoshoots

Where should we have the photoshoot?

To really represent your family the location should be one that your family regularly visit – the photos will then really mean something and evoke those memories. It can also be at home, depending on the age of the children this can work really well. Toddlers and babies are great in their home environment and will really capture how small they once were.

What should we wear?

Firstly, this is something that can really tie my clients in knots. I always say make sure you feel comfortable and don’t overthink it. You want your photoshoot to capture your family, so the clothes should be what you’d usually wear and fitting for the location. A few tips are to avoid patterns sticking to plain or subtle patterns, pick complementary colours for the whole family. Not necessarily matching colours but avoid colour clashes. Pinterest is full of boards for ‘what to wear for a family photoshoot’ if you want to get some ideas.

What should we bring?

What you’d usually take for a day out with the kids at the park, beach or forest. Have plenty of snacks and plenty of wipes for any quick clean ups. Also think about any soft toys, balls, or toys that your kids love as they can really add to the photos and show your family connections and history.

What happens on the day?

I will arrive with you nice and early to ensure we get the best out of everyone. Before the day we will discuss the photoshoot and what you’d to get from your family photoshoot and we’ll confirm a location, discuss outfits and the timings.

During the photoshoot we will have fun – please think about it as a day out with the kids. Play and enjoy yourselves. I look for natural shots and unposed moments that show your family connections, personalities and relationships. Don’t worry about cajoling the kids into smiling for the camera – I’ll make sure they are being stars.