About me 

Hi I'm Natalie Avery, a north London family and newborn photographer. 

I believe that photos are the story of our lives. The photos I have of my childhood mean everything to me - to be able to see myself at an age I don't and can't remember is like magic to me.  

You'll find me in North London with my family running about the local parks and playgrounds, or building wonderful creations out of Lego (I loved Lego as a kid and love playing with it again), probably with a coffee in hand looking forward to my next 'Prosecco Wednesday' with my girls! 

My photo shoots are fun and kids just play.

I plan the photoshoot to be just another day out or time at home as a family. To keep everyone relaxed. Running, jumping and family games are all tricks I use to keep the kids engaged and make sure you can relax and enjoy the time with your family.   With a little direction from me to make sure you get some fantastic shots of their gorgeous smiles (or sleepy faces if newborns). 

I believe in natural authentic portraits and images, that capture our true characters and real moments.  Who we are and the chaotic messy moments that build the story of our lives. 

With two kids of my own, I know how precious photos are to keeping the memories alive.  And that often mums are behind the camera - missing from the photos.  

Natalie Avery Photography and Family in North London.
Natalie Avery (family photographer North London) and family

No need to worry about the kids - they'll have a blast!

The biggest fear I hear is whether the kids will play ball so they will get good photos of them.  From my experience, you will, if you don't stress and let them do what comes best to them - play! 

I'm used to kids and babies and I'm non-obtrusive, approachable and know what it takes to get children to act and play like themselves.

We will work together, in advance, to plan out your family photoshoot so I can find out more about your family and what you are looking for.   We will also discuss what to wear, location and how to plan the time best around naps!

Don't keep putting it off.

In the tired hazy fog of juggling day to day, we don't realise that these everyday moments are special - that they mean everything.  That we should stop and take it all in.  And celebrate all we have achieved by making these small humans. 


The kids will never be this age again. So now is the time to do it. Don't put it off for another year. And don't have another year where you aren't in many photos - I see you behind the camera never in the photos of the whole family that you want so badly.   


I specialise in family and newborn photography and work across North London.  If you live further afield then just get in touch and I'll see what the travel time is. 

Find out more 

My blog and FAQs contain more information on how I work and what to expect if you chose me as your family photographer.  

I've been featured at Shutterturf's Top Newborn Photographers in London - check it out.

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We had a brilliant outdoor photoshoot with Natalie. She took some amazing pictures of our normally very unphotogenic family - thoroughly recommended.

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