Unposed and Natural Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Newborns are perfect, gorgeous and cute just as they are.  They don't need props or to be posed. My newborn photography sessions are focused on the beauty of your new baby and the newly forming family bonds with no props just cuddles.

Natalie Avery Photography Newborn Yawnin

It goes by so fast. Treasure it forever. 

Newborns are snuggly, sleepy and all curled up.  But not for long. They change so fast and it will go by in a flash. So capturing these magical days will give you precious photos that take you right back and pause this wonderful time for you.

If you are looking for natural unposed newborn photos then you are in the right place. My newborn baby photo shoots are done in your home - which gives the most natural and adorable images.


I'll capture your little one sleeping, stretching and yawning.  Close-ups of those gorgeous tiny feet and hands. And great photos of the baby with their new mummy and daddy as your bonds as a family are being created.   

Treasure how magical this time is, soak up your baby's and breath them in.  You'll want to come back to these moments time and time again. 

Mother cuddling newborn baby. Natalie Avery Photography Newborn Photography at home.
Tiny baby feet jerking. Natalie Avery Photography Baby Photoshoots at Home.

How it works

As soon as you know your due date you can book, I hold the session for you and when the baby arrives we decide the best date for the photoshoot because babies are notorious for not arriving on due dates.  It's always best to book in advance to avoid missing your ideal date.  If you've already had your baby it's never too late to organise a newborn baby photoshoot. Just get in touch and I'll see what I can do for you. Even if your baby is now a few weeks old - it's never too late. 


And just so you know, I work across London and Hertfordshire.  If you are ready to find out more about having a newborn photoshoot then please get in touch.

Baby slightly older or now a toddler?

Did Corona Virus make you miss out on a newborn photoshoot, or did you just not get around to arranging one?  There is never a wrong age to have baby photos.  Check out my Baby Milestone gallery to see my work with older babies.  If you are thinking when would be the best time, I have a blog post just about that.  

Baby Milestone Natalie Avery Family Phot

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