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What to wear for a family photo shoot

So you’ve got a photo shoot coming up and you’re wondering what to wear. Here are my top ten tips for how to approach it and avoid panicking.

1. First and most important – don’t panic and overthink it.

If you do you could end up making a rash decision or rush out shopping when you don't need to.

2. Be yourselves!

That's the second most important thing. The photographs are to represent your family and the way you are - the way you really are. If you are a pretty casual dress family or like to dress up then embrace that. Don't worry about what other families wear - this is you guys and what you all feel good in.

3. Coordinate. Coordinate. Coordinate.

To match or not to match? If this is something you like to do then do it. It's a personal choice. Just remember the outfits need to work for the location and the weather. Ask yourself if they all represent a similar style and work together. You can't really mix summer dresses for kids and jumpers for adults. Lay them out together to check this.

4. Comfort above all else.

Not sit on the sofa comfortable but feeling your best comfortable. Avoid clothes that you know you end up tugging at waistbands or shirts buttons because they don’t quite sit right or are ill-fitting.

5. Will they suit the location of your photoshoot and weather?

Consider how your outfits will look in the location? If it's Autumn and a bit damp then embrace wellies and umbrellas. The kids can have a blast jumping in puddles and you’ll get some super cute expressions from them for your photos. If you’re out in a park and the kids are climbing about then consider what's the best clothing and for example if dresses will work.

6. How to mix colours.

Think about the best colours for the location (a contrast to the environment is great) and go for complementary colour palettes. Different colours do clash so avoid that by laying out the outfits next to each other on the bed. The best way to tell is to put them next to each other and see.

7. Be careful with patterns.

Strong bold ones can dominate so unless you can make it work across all outfits patterns are best avoided. They can dominate an image and draw the eye so it's all you notice in the photo. Patterns work best when subtle and when they don’t clash across outfits. If you do want to have some patterns make sure across people it's on different items of clothing - tops and trousers rather than all tops.

What to wear for a family photoshoot
Layout your outfits, including shoes and accessories

8. Avoid logos and graphics.

It is best to avoid logos and graphics on t-shirts. Logos will stand out and draw the eye. Graphics can be similar so even if your little one is really into a character they are best avoided as it will become the focus of the picture. If they love a character have them bring a toy along - that way you can remember this phase and add some of their personality in.

9. Layout everyone's choice of outfit on the bed.

When you have the outfits you are planning on using its important to see them together so you can make any adjustments. What do you think? Do they coordinate well or clash? Do you like how they look?

10. And don't forget about the shoes!

It is easy to think about clothes and forget the shoes until the last minute. Make sure to include them early so you don't pick outfits where the shoes don't work.

If you have any doubts - then ask the photographer. Drop me a line and I can give you some more tips and on what to wear. You can also look through my galleries to see how other families have approached it.


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