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Family Photoshoot for One Year Old in Islington North London

This is one of my favourite ages for a photoshoot. Toddlers are hard work - no two ways about it. It's exhausting. I believe that this exhaustion can stop us from seeing the magic of it. Because we are so in it, it's hard to see past the moment.

One year old smiling as she climbs up the stairs during an outdoor family photoshoot in Islington North London

So why is it my favourite?

With toddlers, you get cheeky expressions, the look of wonder in their eyes, tender moments, and huge milestones. Learning to walk and talk - I mean milestones don't get much bigger.

Toddlers are so caught up and interested in the simplest things like daisies or cats. Like Olivia here there were some cats hanging out where we were and she could of looked at them all day. It always reminds me to enjoy the simple things too.

For these reasons I love photographing toddlers and its why I really enjoyed this family photoshoot hanging out in Islington, North London. Being shown the sights by Olivia, who was enjoying using her own feet to get around, not long after she had her First Birthday.

A family photoshoot when your baby is one or just turned one doesn’t have to be a cake smash. It's a milestone worth celebrating. You’ve made it through the baby year and now you are embarking on the toddler years.

Being one really is awesome - everything is new!

You’re finding your feet and your words. With your newly found independence, you get to explore and explore. Find steps to walk up and down, walk up and down, walk up and down again.

However, being the parent of a one-year-old is exhausting. All the walking and exploring while holding their hands can take its toll. It's one of those things that is so wonderful to see them finding their feet but also such hard work at the same time. I’m a big advocate for not beating yourself up and feeling guilty because you felt both sides of this phase. We can feel something is both exhilarating and exhausting at the same time.

A photo can help you hold onto the joyous feeling and later laugh at how exhausting it was - I say later because it can be hard to see it as funny when it’s so raw. I love to show people that in between the tiring moments there is sheer joy and love.

If you would be interested in celebrating your baby's first birthday with a fun and relaxed photoshoot then check out my baby photography and please get in touch.