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Four location ideas for your family photo shoot

The most important tip I can give you when selecting the location for your photoshoot is to pick somewhere you know or somewhere that represents what you do as a family. Don't pick a location because others have or think you should have lavender field photos because that's what everyone is doing on Instagram. The photos should be authentic to your family and they will only be that if you are true to yourselves and what you like to do. This is also my top tip for what to wear - be yourselves!

1. Your Own Home and Garden

Most people fear this location for family photography. They worry about light and the state of the place. As long as we have windows then we don't need to worry about light. Your home is your home and is the best location for a truly authentic and natural photoshoot. My newborn photography is carried out in my customer's homes, and it's really special having photos of all of you together in the place you spend most of your time.

At home, you also get the benefit of being able to do indoor and outdoor photos, by using the garden too.

Children laughing and posing for doorstep portrait taken by Natalie Avery Photography Family Photographer London
Doorstep Portraits, a lovely way to capture your family at home

We can use as many rooms as possible and I always ask what's your favourite room in the house so we get some great shots in there. There are so many endless possibilities to get the kids playing, with their toys and siblings not to mention jumping on the bed shots are always fun.

This gives lovely variety in your photos and really paints the picture of your family life. We can also capture more day in the life photos by picking an activity (baking, playing board games, eating etc) for the family to do during the photoshoot. Having an activity generates the most natural of photos because everyone will be less conscious of the camera.

Girl by apple tree for family portrait, at home lifestyle unposed family photography by Natalie Avery Photography North London and Hertfordshire.
A little pocket in your garden is all you need

A photoshoot in the home is one of my favourite locations because of the variety and authenticity.

2. Local Park

The favourite park that you go to ride bikes, climb trees or feed the ducks can make for really memorable photos. Because it is somewhere you know and love the photos will remind you of all your visits there. Depending on the park there can be great variety in photos too.

3. Stately home and gardens

Do you have a local stately home or gardens that you visit, somewhere with lots of local events or fond memories? Then this is a great place for a photoshoot. One of my favourite places where I live is Forty Hall. It's a lovely Jacobean Manor House in Enfield North London with the biggest trees, open fields, a pond and the loveliest walled garden oh and not to forget a cute little farm. It's a very photogenic place! Stately homes and gardens give so much variety to your photos, and somewhere for the kids to run around and explore. The more a location can offer kids for exploring, running, jumping and making up games with their siblings the more beautiful memories we will capture.

4. Fields

For something more artistic but still natural. Local fields whether filled with long grasses, poppies or lavender can providing a stunning backdrop. This, of course, tends to be very seasonal.

The key piece of equipment we need is a blanket. It provides an excellent base for the family to gather together and lay on. While you talk and share jokes I will capture the giggles and the joy as you enjoy some time together in a lovely setting. Then we can set off and explore our location.

Girl having photo taken in Poppy Field. Taken by Natalie Avery Photography, Family Photographer North London
Poppy Fields make a beautiful backdrop

I aim to ensure every family enjoys their photoshoot, so I want you to relax and enjoy the 2 hours together. Try to ignore me and focus on spending time together.

If you want to discuss any of these location ideas or have some of your own for your family photography then please get in touch


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