• Natalie Avery Photography

Capturing the Natural Beauty of a Newborn in Islington North London

Baby laying in moses basket cheek all scrunched up by mum cleaning spit up with a muslin taken by Natalie Avery Photography Islington North London.

It's best to start in the morning.

A newborn photoshoot at your home is a great way to capture a variety of images of your new baby. From the very first family photos, stunning portraits of your baby, to all the details of the way they lay, yawn, or look at you. All done with a relaxed, no rush flow as we document this very important moment in your family's story.

For any photoshoots involving children, I always suggest we start in the morning. One to get the best light and also children at their best. Before they start to get tired and cranky.

What else do we need? Well...nothing really.

We just need you all and that's it. Newborns are simply perfect and beautiful. You don't need props or anything to create beautiful images. In fact the old adage - less is more definitely applies here. We want to focus on their features and details.

You may want to include any special blankets and toys but as you'll see from Francesca's photoshoot we use your sofa, bed and baby's bed to set the stage for the photoshoot. You don't need a nursery set up for a photo shoot. Here we used a Moses basket and the master bed. This family were getting ready to move home in a few weeks. The focus is on your bonds and the little details of your new baby.

A swaddle or a blanket can add some detail, and the master bed acts as a blank canvas for laying baby on to capture their features, yawns, kicks and sleepiness. And that's it.

If you are considering capturing the arrival of your baby and love the idea of natural newborn photography then have an explore around my website and get in touch if you have any questions.