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Your Home is the perfect location for a family photoshoot. It really is.

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Your own home is the perfect location for your family photoshoot. Why? Because quite simply its the heart of your family. It’s where you spend most of your time and where you create most of your family memories.

It’ll be too small

Fears of too small or not enough light should be put aside. If there are windows there will be enough light. Size is also not important as I can make any space work to capture the essence of your family.

It’s not finished

Want to do it up more before you have any photos? I think you should put this aside too. I have lived in my house 5 years and we still have loads we would love to do to it. Would I put aside capturing those last 5 years in photos and preserving precious memories of my family because of the decor. Absolutely not! I work round it and focus my photos to work with it.

It’s Instagram's fault

I blame Instagram for us all believing our houses need to be magazine shoot locations. Doesn’t stop me looking and planning 😃

Here are a selection of photos from a North London family shoot I did at this gorgeous family’s house. Which I think show how lovely an at home family photoshoot at home can be. The joy and love these guys have for each other is the focus. It feels really special to see family's being themselves in the place they love. If you have a garden you get the added bonus of outdoor photos too!

And in years to come you and your kids will be thankful you did it - you may move, you'll probably decorate, the toys will definitely be different or gone by that stage and the photos will remind you of this time in your lives.

About Me

Photography is my passion - one I love and which inspires me. With two kids of my own, I know how precious photos are to keeping the memories alive. 

I am a family and newborn photographer working across North London and Hertfordshire.  If you live further afield, then you can always get in touch and I'll see what the travel time is. 

Check out more of my family photography and learn more about my style and approach.

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