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Why your baby is absolutely never too old for a photoshoot.

For a lot of families, the Corona Virus prevented them from having the babies the way they planned. Including capturing the first few days with a newborn photo shoot. If that was you, or you just didn't get round to organising to have photos taken when your baby was a newborn, then don't worry its never too late. Even before Corona Virus hit us I would always say its never too late to document your family and capture this moment with your baby.

Older babies are more expressive - making for the most adorable images.

In fact, I absolutely adore older baby photoshoots, as the expressions they pull always make me laugh. They are so fleeting and easily forgotten in the day to day madness of everyday life. And because they'll have moved onto something else next month.

Your baby will change so much and every stage is special and another milestone. So why would you not want to saviour it with photos to never let you forget it? At 6 weeks they will be smiling and recognising you. At 3 to 4 months they could be rolling and really enjoying the family around them. At 6 months they could be sitting which I personally found a lovely stage as it was a game-changer. Suddenly everyone's perspective changed, the baby is no longer just lying down but you can sit opposite each other and play or have a 'meal' together. So why would you not want to saviour it with photos to never let you forget it

Each stage is special and a milestone to saviour.

Whatever age, a baby photoshoot will capture and document your family and this moment. Whether you've just met each other or you are getting to know each other more all are important moments in your new family.

As you'll see from the image gallery below of the delightful little girl who at 6 weeks old stole the show with her wonderful expressions.


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