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Surprising Location Ideas for Family Photography in London. A small series of ideas. Idea #1

This is our sunset adventure at an open space near where we live to demonstrate idea #1 for surprising location ideas for family photography in London. Looking through the photos of our adventures exploring here the other day gave me the idea of writing a few posts about locations. To give some inspiration about the types of places you can use for your Family Photoshoot.

This place is actually a flood defence for the New River that runs through Enfield - sounds interesting hey! When you first turn up, you'd be forgiven for thinking it didn't offer much - see below. But with a bit of exploring it's a hidden gem.

No need for huge woods, famous parks or country estates.

And this is where what you see and what I see through the camera lens may differ. You really don't need huge woods, a famous park or a field of flowers to capture beautiful photos of your family. There are so many surprising locations ideas for family photography in London.

There's a small brook that forms part of the river that passes through Grange Park with some woods and allotments. It's mostly unkept and completely natural. With lots of community spirit. Its a little haven in this suburban neighbourhood. Where families hang rope swings, keep the trail to the brook clear for easy access, ride bikes, build dens and burn off the kids' excess energy.

Our latest adventure, at the local open space.

So this is our latest adventure which I share so you can see the images you can capture in the most surprising of places. It also captures their personalities perfect. Wearing their choice of outfits. One didn't want to change after football, because why bother is his point of view. And the other. I have a whole series of photos documenting the free spirit she has. It's my deepest wish that she keeps this spirit for the rest of her life. Wearing whatever takes her fancy. No matter the occasion. Without a thought to what anyone else thinks.

Somewhere local and meaningful is just perfect. And are the most surprising locations for family photography.

If you are thinking about you family photoshoot and where to go for it. Then do you have somewhere like this? Where you go when you just need to get out of the house? Or later on in the day because its so close? Its possibly could be somewhere you hung out during Lockdown for your daily exercise? I bet its just perfect for your family photos.

If it holds memories of enjoyable time spent together then it's perfect. Absolutely perfect. Your photos will have even more meaning. Evoking memories and telling the story of all the many times you spent there not just the photoshoot.

And what about doing it at golden hour?

The two hours before the sun sets is golden hour. And oh my the golden light is stunning. If you have slightly older kids it can be a lovely way to end the day, an outdoor adventure then home for a lovely dinner. Younger kids may struggle but you could always encourage an afternoon nap and make plans for a movie after dinner - it's only one day for a late night. The golden light bouncing off their hair (especially curls) could be worth it!

So idea #1 for your photoshoot is a location you know, love and visit often. Add in beautiful light and it will truly deliver on not only a fun experience but photos that hold a deep connection to your family's memories. This is idea #1, I will be adding to the series in the coming weeks to give you ideas and inspiration.

What's next?

I look forward to sharing my other ideas with you and will link them from this page so you can check them all out. If you are tempted by a family photoshoot and want to find out more then explore my family photography and other blog posts linked below. Or get in touch to discuss your ideas.